MineMojo Terms of use/service

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Detailed information and legal text

By using MineMojo or any of it's services you agree to the following terms and the privacy policy. In this text "you" refers to the user and "us", "we" and "our" refers to MineMojo and the developers. While we will always try to inform users of any changes, you agree that we may change the terms of service or privacy policy at any time within reason without prior notice. If you are found to be in violation of these terms we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your email or device ID from accessing our servers, and in some cases you will have your earnings permanently reset.‚Äč

1. Allowed Access and content blocking
You may only access the miner through the unmodified provided methods, which are the website (miner.tweakly.net) and the official Android app, which is linked to on the website. By connecting to the server directly using a script or modifying content on the app or website (including but not limited to using any content blocking software) you are in violation of the terms

2. Exchange rate
"Hashes" refers to the measuring unit that measures how much speed or power your device is contributing to the miner pool, most likely Monero. We have an exchange rate of hashes to Satoshi (a fraction of Bitcoin) that changes daily. We reserve the right to change this exchange rate (whether it becomes higher or lower) at any time without prior notice, and we are not responsible for the change in your account balance if it is due to the exchange rate changing.

3. Loss of earnings
Please be aware that finalized transactions cannot be canceled or modified by us, so please check your payment details before making a payment. In the event of a loss of funds to the user, such as where the funds have been withdrawn from your account but not sent to your attached wallet, you must contact support ([email protected]) as soon as possible. We are not responsible for losses as they can be caused by many factors including unstable network connection and wallet provider restrictions, however we will always attempt to have the funds manually sent to you whenever possible.

4. Suspended or terminated users
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate users without warning if we detect suspicious activity or if you are in violation of the terms. If you have been blocked from accessing our servers due to a suspended or terminated email, device, or IP address, you may contact our support staff to determine the reason you have been blocked and any ways to reinstate your account. In most cases the decision is permanent unless you have not done the action that you have been blocked for.


These terms were last updated on the 5th of May, 2018